The Difference Between a Hoarder and Clutter is Quite Significant

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I thought for a while that I may have hoarding tendencies. I seem to collect a lot of things around my house, however the difference between me and what may be considered a hoarder is, once I realize there’s just too much going on I start on the great purge. After purchasing a few rehab houses, I realized I don’t have hoarding tendencies, actually far from it. I have clutter issues but I’m nowhere near considered hoarder.

By definition a hoarder is someone who acquires an excessive number of items and stores them in a chaotic manner, usually resulting in an unmanageable amount of clutter. The items collected usually have little or no monetary value. I have seen this firsthand. I have also seen a house that’s full of “clutter.” The clutter person leaves behind things that are of no longer significance to them. Maybe furniture, décor, seasonal decorations, old paperwork, Knick knacks, dishes, and kitchen accessories.

A hoarder, on the other hand, may have excessive amounts of the same item, trash, and random things that have no actual value. The house seems to be in a chaotic and disarray state, with everything strung about with no rim or reason. Items of no significance are not able to be thrown away. A hoarder may also collect many of the same items. They don’t have one hose nozzle but 50 hose nozzles. They can’t throw away the empty paper towel roll or the container that the potato salad came in and I have never experienced where they were unable to throw away the adult used diapers and left them accumulating in the shower as a place for storage. For a hoarder, it’s almost painful to let things go and oftentimes they have an emotional attachment to everything in their house.

I have experienced the difference in these types of homes. I have purchased houses that have “clutter” items left behind. Old furniture, filing cabinets, trash, Christmas décor, clothes, obsolete technological items, appliances, mattresses and some items that are harder to dispose of due to the trash can size limitations. I have also purchased houses that have been legit hoarder homes. Hundreds of Circle K cups are stacked together and piled in various places. Literally tons of Broken Christmas decor thrown in the attic trashed stored in the backyard thrown haphazardly without even a path to get through all the junk. Bags and Bags and bags of trash left in the yard, the garage, the house, hundreds of storage containers, metal scraps, books, clothes, supplies, multiple mattresses, broken furniture, and just truly amazing amounts of trash. There is so much left behind that it starts coming out of the house and into the yard.
The stench of the house is atrocious and the usual grease, grim, and amount of dirt is a million told of what is usual in a house.

Hoarding is recognized as a disorder and it can be quite painful for someone to give away or throw away the items in their houses. This is where Liz and Marie can help. We understand the situation, we’ve dealt with the situation and we can and will take the situation off the hands of the homeowner and/or the family. The thought of going through everything, trying to figure out how to get rid of it, and the time-consuming effort it takes is just an overwhelming task.

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Liz & Marie specialize in buying and selling your home at the price, and on the timeline, that works for all of us. Our extensive knowledge of real estate investing and a large network of real estate investors nationwide allows us to offer more buying choices and a wide variety of selling options for all types of home buyers and sellers, including financially distressed homeowners. Our mission is to work hand in hand with all parties and to handle every situation with the utmost professionalism and care.

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We may be Crazy Liz and Wacky Marie but together we can do anything. Our combined experience in real estate has given us tons of lessons and has provided us the opportunity to help many homeowners! We are always striving to learn more and help others!
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