How and Why, Liz and Marie Buy Houses Fast for Cash!

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Phoenix is HOT… literally and figuratively. It’s not even officially summertime in the Valley of the Sun but the HEAT is ON! The Phoenix Suns are winning in the playoffs, the temperatures are reaching crazy highs, and the Phoenix housing market is in a frenzy! So, with the housing market so strong, why would anyone need Liz and Marie to buy their house for cash, fast? Even with the Phoenix housing market so strong right now, companies like Liz and Marie or the We Buy Houses Fast for Cash buyers are still much needed in the Valley of the Sun. Regardless of the condition of the housing market, various homeowners will always face mountainous issue- when dealing with their houses. Phoenicians are experiencing issues like:

  • Inherited houses,
  • Fire and flood-damaged homes,
  • Relocations,
  • Retirements,
  • Empty nesters,
  • Divorce,
  • Code violations,
  • Bad tenants,
  • Owed taxes,
  • Job loss,
  • Bankruptcy and liens,
  • Medical issues,
  • Expensive repairs,
  • Foreclosure,
  • Just to name a few!

Liz and Marie recently spoke with a couple who were not comfortable with the real estate market craziness and all the potential realtors, buyers, and strangers walking through their home. They have concerns with their young children not being vaccinated and keeping the house clean and orderly. Liz and Marie can give them a fair cash offer on their home that gives them the agreed upon sales price and therefore money in their pocket. There’s no bait and switch of an offer being sent over to the seller and then additional fees being deducted from the offer price like closing cost, commissions, service fees, repairs, cleaning, and seller concessions. Liz and Marie’s offer stays the same down to the bottom line. You can see this on our Cost Comparison Chart. The iBuyers in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and surrounding communities, may seem appealing to a seller looking for a quick, easy offer on their house. All a seller needs to do is go online, fill out the iBuyers short form and if your house meets their algorithms criteria, they’ll send you back an offer. The offer they come back with does not include the service fee they will still charge (usually 5-9%), the closing cost, or the deduction for any repairs they will want to complete before re-selling the house. The iBuyers initial offer may be higher than what Liz and Marie offer but our offer stays the same throughout the process. What you see is what you get from Liz and Marie. The iBuyers offer will be reduced by the fees mentioned.

Liz and Marie were able to help a distressed homeowner that was experiencing an emotional divorce during Covid quarantine. Marie was able to compassionately listen to the seller’s needs and then buy and close on her home quickly giving the seller peace of mind, the ability to move out and the much-needed cash to get her into a new home. Liz and Marie were also able to help another distressed homeowner that was relocated for her job. She and her husband were in the middle of doing renovations on their home. They didn’t realize some of the additions needed permitting and many items were not completed yet. The house wouldn’t qualify for conventional financing if they sold through a real estate agent with a listing on the MLS so with the help of Liz, she was able to purchase the house on the seller’s timeline and correct the unpermitted items while completing the unfinished rehab projects in the house. Liz and Marie have experienced fire and flood damaged homes, inherited and hoarder homes, terrible tenants, and simple downsizing needs just to mention a few. Liz and Marie have faced many stressful situations either personally or through helping other sellers. We understand the pain, the worries keeping you up at night and the anxiety that you may be facing with your housing situations. That’s why we’re here to help.

Liz and Marie have a quick 4-minute video and a free ebook, to show you how we can save you $10K or more when selling your home to us. The cost comparison video explains the fees that an iBuyer or a traditional sale with a Real Estate Agent will be deducted off the homeowner’s bottom line and will show how Liz and Marie’s offer stays the same throughout the process. Liz and Marie want to make the process as easy as possible for everyone. After an initial phone call is booked, we will discuss why you are looking to sell, what your timeline looks like, what special features you may have in your home, what type of upgrades may have been completed and the age of the major items like roof, HVAC, electrical/plumbing/sewer and what your goal is with price, timelines and move out. We want to understand what’s important to you throughout the process and how we can help you with issues that you may be experiencing as to why you want to sell your house fast for cash. Next, we will schedule an appointment to come and meet with you and see the house. We will complete a thorough walk through and visual inspection. We will discuss with you what your plans are for moving out and leaving any unwanted items left behind. Liz and Marie will then do a fair market analysis and housing comps of the neighborhood. After that Liz and Marie will submit our fair all cash offer to you, with no hidden fees, the timeline of the process, any special issues we discussed with you, how we determined our all-cash offer, and closing process and dates. Liz and Marie provide resources and assistance to people within our Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler communities and throughout the Valley of the Sun. Learn how 4 minutes can save you money and how we’re here to help!

What’s next? If you are looking to sell your house fast no matter what the situation, we can help! Watch the 4-minute video , download our free ebook on how Liz and Marie can save you $10k or more when selling your house. Book an initial call to discuss how Liz and Marie can help buy your house on your timeline, with cash, then schedule a walk-through of the house and get an offer! It’s that simple!

Stay hydrated out there and GO SUNS!

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