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Average new home cost jumps from $170k to $430k Get Real Estate with Liz &Marie

Here is your Phoenix metro area Real Estate Weekly Market Update! The following data was pulled from the Arizona MLS (ARMLS) on the date listed below:

Key points from this data:

  • The number of active listings across the county has increased slightly again
  • Average list price has remained pretty consistent
  • City of Phoenix is up 31 new listings and Mesa is down 37 listings
  • Rents have remained consistent across all cities

BIG NEWS in Real Estate:

  1. Tucson-based Stackhouse wants to transform housing with shipping containers, for the full article click here:
  • Stackhouse wants to create buildings across the country that allow tenants to live in shipping containers.
  • This will allow tenants to relocate to another city and ship the entire home.
  • Stackhouse trucks will allow for transport when moving from city to city.
  • First stackhouse is to open in Denver and is approved for 62 units in an 8 story development.

2.Average cost of new home jumps from $170,000 to $430,000, for the full article click here:

  • Prior to Covid-19 homebuilders were focusing on smaller simpler homes.
  • With the change in the work-at-home environment we are seeing people want larger, more comfortable homes to accommodate both living and working.
  • Virtual learning has also created a need for a functional space for children to focus.
  • Multi-generational homes are also becoming more popular.

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This week’s LOCAL NEWS

Scottsdale estate commands 2nd-highest sale price in Arizona history. For the full story click here

  • An estate in Scottsdale has just sold for $21.5 Million, it is the second highest sale in the state per the MLS.
  • The homes is over 12,000 sqft and features and italian exterior with a french inspired interior
  • The buyers are a retired couple from San Francisco
  • 11200 East Canyon Cross Way or The Castle on the Hill

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