Are you stressed about real estate agent commissions or iBuyers service fees?

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When selling your home you have many options nowadays. You can sell your house the traditional way with a real estate agent or maybe sell it yourself, For Sale by Owner (FSBO) or sell it to an iBuyer (Offerpad, Opendoor) or sell it to an investor. At the end of the day my biggest concern would be these questions:

  • What is my bottom line? Where am I going to get the most money in my pocket?
  • How can I make sure I get the best offer? Who can I trust?
  • What is going to be the easiest, least stressful and fastest way to sell?

Let’s explore the basic fees with each of these options, real estate agent commissions versus iBuyers service fees or selling FSBO or directly to Liz & Marie!

Traditional Sales with Realtor

Real estate agents generally do not work with any kind of set salary, for the most part they are independent contractors working for commissions.  A traditional real estate agent makes a certain percentage of the overall cost of the sale of the house.  This commission is generally split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent.  This is how real estate agents make their money.  Usually, the percentage of commission split between the 2 agents is 6% of the total price of the home, but this can vary and can be negotiated.

For Sale by Owner

If you decide to list your house for sale by owner, think about whether you will be willing to work with a buyer’s agent and still offer them a 2-3% commission if they have a buyer interested in your home.   There are plenty of options if you want to sell your house yourself.  There are flat fee brokerages ($1,000 or less) that can help you get your property on the local MLS for exposure.  There are websites like, zillow for sale by owner, redfin, and places you can market your house like facebook marketplace, craigslist, and local newspapers. Expect to spend a few thousand dollars in marketing your home and be prepared to do the negotiations.

Selling to an iBuyer

These fees can vary, but on average, they’re 5-8%. A study by MarketWatch found that sellers make about 11% less on the sale of their home by using an iBuyer rather than the normal route of selling through a realtor. Another study, however, found that iBuyers’ service fees are 13-15% above an agent. Be careful and look at the fine print if you decide to sell to an iBuyer like Opendoor, Offerpad, 72Sold, or Zillow.

Selling to Liz & Marie 

We will not charge you any service fees or commissions to buy your home. We will schedule our site visit and make you an offer based on the current condition of your home.  We will not ask you to make any repairs or clean up your home.  We can overlook messes and imperfections as we know we are buying a lived in home and not a new build.  We can also provide services that agents and iBuyers may not offer such as:

  • No Repairs
  • No Closing Costs
  • No Seller’s Concessions
  • Choose your Close Date
  • Get a Cash Offer (no appraisal contingency)
  • Skip showings and keeping a spotless show ready house
  • Local moving services/discounts available upon request
  • No cleanup (take what you want and leave all unwanted items)

If you want to learn more about the cost breakdown of each of these options check out our free 4 minute video and you can also download our free ebook.


About Liz & Marie

Liz & Marie are the area’s leading real estate solutions company. We successfully work with homeowners, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and real estate investors, buying and selling all types of residential real estate. We are confident that we can find the right property or solution for you, whether you have a house to sell, are looking to buy your next investment property, or are looking for your family’s “forever home.” We can share our knowledge so that you can make the best decisions for your situation and we are dedicated to making everyone’s experience a smooth and successful process. 

Liz & Marie specialize in buying and selling your home at the price, and on the timeline, that works for all of us. Our extensive knowledge of real estate investing and a large network of real estate investors nationwide allows us to offer more buying choices and a wide variety of selling options for all types of home buyers and sellers, including financially distressed homeowners. Our mission is to work hand in hand with all parties and to handle every situation with the utmost professionalism and care. 

We are thrilled to be a part of this next chapter in your life.  Our commitment to excellence starts with treating you and your transaction with the utmost care and professionalism.  We know that buying and selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make and we are humbled that so many homeowners choose us to join them on their journey.  Let us lead the way and earn your business today. 

We may be Crazy Liz and Wacky Marie but together we can do anything. Our combined experience in real estate has given us tons of lessons and has provided us the opportunity to help many homeowners! We are always striving to learn more and help others!  Let us know how we can help you today!

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